Free and Save the World - Respect the Life

  • Dear Friends,
    in spite of my own problems and shortcomings, or exactly why, me the day driving around a bit. On nights without sleep, but full awareness of current world events, just as the day come in thoughts constantly recurring images, insights and the clarity of the fact endlessly clear answer given that closes in their own circle.

    How can we human beings only have us destroy donated, infinitely beautiful, perfectly developed nature in its shapely purity daily, wage wars in which children are killed as allegedly mistook targets, hunted animals for fun and rainforests in their perfect beauty and character this so presumptuous are burned a creative glory.
    The ground choking on the overpopulation, the need to reduce planned. Deserts are reclaimed rather than pulverize trillion in armaments. People will die of this wonderful blue planet never - except shows by ourselves ... The following video much of marinaren biodiversity.
    Let's go to the beautiful Asia - Chinese and Japanesische music for dreams, fall in love and float all human constraints, problems and fears ... Into an exotic universe full of mysterious mysticism and equally clear statement as the other videos.

    Der Delphin und das Ozean-Highlight