Translators and language problems in online communities

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    Dear Cosirex-Friends, Community Enthusiats, I would like to give a grip, a help that can bring both divided opinions to an overall solution.
    - Yes, it is sometimes annoying to have bilingual posts in a topic.
    - It is even worse to read badly translated posts.
    - Even before I took the WBB-multilingualism, sometimes I wrote bilingual content (!) in postings of my forum.
    Additional: I also use Google translation, then I start to correct the translation for a better expressions because it is often faulty. Sometimes I suggest Google even a alternative translation if I have the time and desire.

    UnknownUser: You have my deep respect and you are Welcome anyway! In one case, and some others, you have in your origin English text mistakes which are then translated into German, and they are reproduced reasonable in an absolutely strange and crazy way.
    According to Google Translation: It's pretty better to express simple, clearly structured sentences, rather succinctly, no embellishments, no synonyms, little colloquial words, no nested sets, you should better prefer short sentences instead of long and complex variations.
    In the following example you have written "angle" instead of "angel". Google/Bing/Fish/etc translate close to the word. Therefore, "angle" concludes a real geometric or physic angle, "angel" will be "angel".

    That's all. Then you can be understood in a more precised way in german, and many misunderstandings are avoided, and perhaps there is no need to post the original english text (genuine text). Saves time, feel good, stay tuned...
    Hereby the german topics remain to german.
    Additional: Maybe it would be good to post in English according to special, extraordinary topics, many user here in this community understand English very well, I, by myself, have problems with technical and computer technology terms, others users perfectly handle with technical phrases, think you will get the same good help.
    But I understand that you like taking part on the german issues, because it's bigger, more crazy, more powerful at all, I would behave like the same, but the most important point is to feel more comfortable, to enter short and not nested sentences in the translator of your choice.
    Have a nice weekend, man, feel good,...we are all english, aren't we?
    Lots of Greetings

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