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  • :rose: Sad truth found in Youtube for Cosirex Community. Video with sad lyrics and content packed with great, wonderful music by Yanou and DJ Sammy.

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    Wünsch' euch ein schönen Tag ..

    lg moonshadow

    "Die Freundschaft und die Liebe sind zwei Pflanzen an einer Wurzel."

  • :rose: Moonshadow :kus:

    Yes, this really is a sad truth!

    Moonshadow :rose: YOU :kuss: ARE FOR ME a valuable, lovable person...
    VIP very important person.

    Greetings from

    „Es gehört mehr Mut dazu seine Meinung zu ändern, als ihr treu zu bleiben.“

    Friedrich Hebbel

    • Official Post

    Very great video, Moonshadow ... class ... only I find this absolute, negative opinion exaggerated, everything just looks black and hopeless without courage new paths with you and others to go.

    Exactly why is the Cosirex Forum since:

    1. Every person in the world because God has chosen us to do so.
    Even if you are loved by any man, what I never do, God loves you as you are, without exception, without a doubt, especially unconditionally. No matter which denomination we belong, God has given us in his world a place that belongs to us, with enough space to unfold around us.

    2. We have the Cosirex Community created by the love that will give us through other people and God bestowed on all. These no one must be a Christian or are not even believe in God. [But, I do it, and every day a bit more].

    4. The Cosirex Forum is the most important part of our community, or community that should give everyone joy, love and support.

    5. We respect just like all other people, regardless of origin, religion and state, we spring.
    The Community is to connect people, give joy and inform.

    We want to be back people who share and give, in a time where the most important thing seems to be to have an exaggerated, pathological selfishness and us more than we can handle is taken.

    • Official Post

    Sometimes, on special days, today is one, namely Nicholas because I look at ancient contributions to.
    2007 was the Cosirex Forum grade just before the 1st birthday.
    Since Moonshadow presented this poignant video here in the forum.
    It is moving and worn full hopelessness.
    It's just text, but it has in itself, of a man over you could say either very sensitive, or too good for this world.
    I say both.
    But it is precisely these people who have a living soul who love their fellow human beings, trust them, and even give the shirt for you. These people make the world worth living, good, and beautiful.
    Hab 'in my school and professional life witnessed many such people.
    Some committed suicide, others sought solace in drugs such as alcohol, drugs, and medications.
    Still others were hard and inhuman, built a tank to their souls.
    I'm here to tell you, you do not see the wood for the trees.
    Goes where love people, like yourselves, to where will you accepted, just as you are.
    Think about it when that might be.
    God has given us a soul to the perception, feel, give and take. Accept this love!
    This love will carry you through all the ups and downs of life.
    I wish you beautiful St. Nicholas. Says yes to you, and no to those who torment your soul.
    Best Regards

    • Official Post

    That really touched me, and your loving words, Cosimo. This shows again and again that we are divine souls and can not live without love. But the love of self is important, is the foundation from which we can draw strength.

    Only when we are at peace with ourselves, we are so strong, to love others and to give love, and you will no longer hurt. It no longer feels alone because we are connected to God, which gives us everything that is important for us. Yes, if we want to enjoy everything and take what God wants to give us, we have already followed, walking in harmony, in harmony with nature and in harmony with each other.

    The creation all around us, we live in it. There is a constant coming and going. The energy of the passing away creates new. We look forward every morning when we wake up that we one day is given again, where we can prove ourselves. May where we connect through positive thinking and speaking with the divine and give others a good, positive example of life. That makes us stronger in our life ...

    "I am a white water lily pond in the light of your heart" - that must also imagine visually and so this call again and carry with you.

    Love and blessings surrounds you. Greetings in God................