Andrè Rieu - And The Waltz Goes On

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    I did not know that Sir Anthony Hopkins so is also a gifted musician and composer.
    50 years ago he composed this waltz and last year he heard "his waltz" for the first time ...
    Live played - - Andre Rieu with Johann Strauss Orchestra in Maastricht ... beautiful...

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    "Wenn ein Mensch deine Seele berührt, wird dein Verstand ihn niemals löschen können"

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    Both artists I appreciate very much to make for an André Rieu and his gifted nature and art music felt, on the other hand the unforgettable Anthony Hopkins, whom I adore for its ingenious representation Art. He plays his roles so authentic, so perfect, that every truly believes he is the respective character it represents.
    Two great artists. Wonderful post Honeymooners. I am impressed. More of them, please.