Death On The High Seas

  • Death loves to make his job, but he is very clumsy. A beautiful 3d animation from the incredible masters of computer animation "Simpals Animation Studio" in Moldova. Proudly presenting "Simpals Youtube Channel".
    Have a lot of fun by watching...

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    "Manche Menschen sind wie dunkle Wolken, wenn sie verschwinden scheint die Sonne"

  • Super animation, I love it, all this kind of visual stuff, audiovisual stuff in general, and today with the 3D technology are amazing genuine, realistic effects possible. They make a super enjoyment out of trick films.
    Really, in nearly every movie today stunts, landscapes, huge crowds, whether human or other beings are made with computer animation. This is cheaper than paying thousands of extra actors and conduct them, today they make by duplication a large crowd out of a small one. Have seen how this works in a quite interesting documentation.
    Fore sure docu master Eder Tokarev may has something in his pockets which he can post in the Explaining the world by videos forum.

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