Donation for Cosirex Community

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    Dear Cosirex Mitglieder und Besucher,

    The better and more professional our community gets with forum, blog, gallery, chat, calendar, the higher rises the running costs for updates, technical and design measures, the server, and the security of data transmission.

    I always wanted to avoid it, because donations in internet have a negative reputation, many operators only do this to earn as much money as possible for their own pockets. Such an appearance or suspect I did not want to excite. Nevertheless, I integrated a Paypal donation button in this topic with the additional information:

    Should someone decide to donate, then I can to show transparently on request, which person has donated how much, and also which things were paid with this money.

    Of course, only by request of each donor, everyone's anonymity is our main interest since the beginning of Cosirex Forum, former "Cosima Forum", and in the same way we will continue to handle this.

    With or without donations we hope you enjoy the oasis of our fast paced world like ever.

    I like and love if people join our forums, participate, and talk to each other about the world, or exchange their views, informations and also issues. Lots of greets

  • I like the idea with paypal donation button, everyone who wants can donate. However, it would be better to place the donation button on the main menue, for example between calendar and members that everybody can see it. I'll gladly donate something, because here are many good and useful informations, especially about computer updates, which are valuable tips and I also use them very often. gaxmer chrxome

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    Thank you , Dana , for the first donation since integration of Paypal donation button in the Cosirex Community . The € 20.00 were equal to offset against the pay of technical server configuration of the SSL certificate .Impressively the cash flow can be seen . So Dana has indirectly brought an exemplary installation of SSL encryption for secure and user-friendly internet browsing Forum Cosirex .
    Best Regards