Cold War in Ukraine - Crisis in the Crimea

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    Have a nice day,
    as a people loving person I always listen, read, and watch opinions and counter-notices to form my own opinion. So, today I did exactly this in regards to the Russian representation of the events which happened in the recent months in Ukraine, as well as the current tense situation on the integration of the Crimean peninsula in the Russian Federation.
    Please forgive me, again it's so unbelievable that I have to tell it simply to you, how I came onto the website of the report of the radio station "Stimme Russlands/Voice of Russia". Until today I did not know the radiosender, nor his website. I just wanna explain how gallantly, I was led to this online presence, by whom, of course, Google. It happened like this:
    I opened the browser and saw today's "Doodle", these are often animated little pictures, movies, games that replace the normal Google-Logo for one day and point out features from around the world, although they have mostly related to continents content in any event, to my knowledge. I just clicked on this little picture of this day Doodle. The subject of the today's Doodle was the beginning of the astronomical spring in the northern hemisphere, the equinox, or also called spring equinox. In the southern hemisphere begins in the same time, in autumn. Today all over the world the day is as long as the night. Point.
    Anyway, I clicked on the "Doodle" to learn more about it, and among the first search results I just found the description of the today's Doodle on the website of the radio station "Voice of Russia/Stimme Russlands", in german language. And for the reason that this online presentation is structured like a newspaper or a news site, I was of course immediately pushed in the middle of the whole conflict about the incorporation of crimea into the russian territory, and the russian community.
    I read an interesting article about it, clearly from pro-russian point of view, but now I can't escape from the small and large truths they wrote.
    Here is the link to the report by Igor Belov, which can be heard on the included player under the photo in german language, and the same report can be read in textform below the player in "Ukraine crisis and opinions in the EU". An interesting description of that what happened in the Crimea and in Ukraine from the Russian view.
    I say to this topic, I grew up in the days of the Cold War, all people were happy when the Berlin Wall fell and new bridges for people were built. But later the expansion into the east was without mercy, with some flimsy reasons, such as the terrorist threat from the Middle East, danger of nuclear missiles from Middle East which can penetrate into all our european territory, and much more reasons.
    What I see is the last decades is not really good. If the U.S. intervenes in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan it has always reasons such as for self-defense and the protection of the innocent.
    At the same time Russia is immediately presented as an aggressor when only the sword is raised slightly. Would the United States allow it, when right on their doorstep a state wants to fight for its independence and has tendencies to the opposite political system? Probably not.
    From Cuba to Nicaragua, there are many examples where is occupied today that intelligency agencies and secret services were deeply involved, even if it is just about of financing the arms of the rebels.
    Yes, dear friends, this is the world. Although I clearly declare my support for democracy and freedom of people, even to the values that are promoted by the United States, provided that they are respected by politics, money power, citizens.
    But I am also sure: Give Russia its Crimea and begin finally to approach again through diplomatic channels, but this time properly and not half-heartedly. Making nails with heads, we say in Germany.
    Because we have to fight much bigger problems in the world like the inevitable exhaustion of fossil energy, to feed almost 7 billion people, and to fight for a clean, healthy environment. There is place enough to rattle sabers, rather than fight about the strategic important Crimea, but for year and day Crimea belonged anyway to Russia. For as the reporter from the "Voice of Russia" truely says: Russia has long enough watched the NATO, contrary to the promise of 1990 to the reunification of Germany, always expanding itself to the east. The EU has also expanded and country by country had become a part of the EU. Of course, everything from the free will and desire of the citizens of each country.
    And why is that?
    Because many countries can not resist the lure of wealth of the EU and would come anyway, if only poverty has become large enough. Then rather industry and facilities are build in the eastern states because labor is cheap there and people have the irrepressible urge to improve their lives. However, I also disagree with the reporter in some content and what he says: Michail Sergejewitsch Gorbatschow was not a credulous man, but pragmatically enforced his will against internal and external forces and power aspirations.
    Wladimir Wladimirowitsch Putin is just like the same, only a little different in his appearance, but like Gorbatchow in the same case he has the eggs in his pants also to do what is necessary, no matter of fact to provide against all, and to do the best for his country and citizen. Putin makes it right to do the job properly, to brass tacks, or make nails with heads. Just as Barack Obama behaved borderline in which he sent a special command into the pro-american country Pakistan to stop the false prophet who brought untold sorrow over the US and the whole world, too. That was also right and necessary in my opinion.
    I love humans, no matter which religion, which social standard, which ethnicity or policy, it's one world, and this world was given in our hands by god to make the best of it. It would be nice to live in a world of peace, where people jump over flowering meadows with flowers in their hair, but unfortunately we do not do, so sometimes must unfortunately speak the swords. But forever I like more to fight for a peaceful and better world, without senseless fights and wars which waste our all money instead doing something better with it, like finding new ways against illnesses and doing much more really good things.
    I'm sorry to say that this report of Igor Belov is only in german language. Today I waanted to link it here to the english or american version, but it could be only read and heared in german. But this radio station has a lot of language versions, for example VOICE OF RUSSIA UK or THE VOICE OF RUSSIA (American Edition) and all other languages. But I don't know, it was the first time in my life watching this website.