Elimate celibacy in the catholic church

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    Celibacy is a promise or vow, to henceforth celibate life
    Ecclesiastical dignitaries drop it at their consecration, to affirm that they live their lifes entirely to God, to exaggerate. Using in the future to be married with God to confront uncompromising in the service of the Lord.
    Celibacy is my personal feeling after a great, good thing - BUT only if it is stored out of free, own will - NOT, as currently practiced for centuries and when this promise to live in celibacy is a HAVE TO BE in order for the catholic church, priest, or monk/nun to be ordained.
    Today it is so: Specifies a budding dignitaries from not this vow, he can not ordained priest, monk, nun, or the like can be. Therefore, it is in relation to the quintessential attribute of man to live his sexuality, essential to aspiring catholic priests, priestesses to enable it to live both sexuality and sexual renunciation all exaggerated, and work.
    God is love and Love is God