Syria conflict - Poison gas lie - Battle of the interests of many powers

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    Again a lie for a war ?
    The balance of power and interests in Syria are more complex than is obvious at first glance. Who knows that the sneaky poison gas attack was not yet executed from the side of the rebels. Exactly this had happened. A few days after the attack by chemical weapons Syrian jihadists were arrested by Turkish police, who had in a container the poison gas sarin.
    The Syrian government , however, has never denied owning poison gas, which is guarded by the Alawite elite units against an attack from Israel. A year ago when President Obama the use of poison gas as a red line labeled , the American intervention would result in the violation was reported in the Arab media that a poison gas attack in Saudi Arabia would be planned around him the Assad government foist . Why Saudi Arabia?
    Saudi Arabia and Qatar are the financial supporters of a dozen ultra-conservative groups of Salafis in Syria , the Syrian Al-Nusra front, which is allied not only with al-Qaida , but is also supported by thousands from abroad coming jihadists . This Al-Nusra front is so extreme that they even fought the rebel Free Syrian Army and robbing their weapon depots, and thus their own supposed allies in the fight against Bachir al-Assad.
    Here these religiously motivated groups of Saudi Arabia and Qatar is funding and personnel support. The first major goal is in Syria to establish an Islamic emirate, the second goal is the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel and to free Jerusalem.
    This provides a proof of the main reason of the Syrian uprising, the more or less reason to be underestimated are the oil reserves in the north and east of Syria and tho control them. There are militias of different races who defend their territory and their interests against the Salafists and Al-Nusra front. In addition, defected soldiers of the Syrian army are independently run in small groups of actions , with a clear command and increasingly supported by criminals, they kidnap rich Christians and Alawites, all those population groups who are not Sunni, and release to high ransoms again.
    Thus it is clear that it is in the uprising against the Syrian government for many different interest groups that fight each other partially, and
    track all their own goals. An example of this are also the Kurds fighting against Assad's regime, but are in turn attacked by the Arab jihadists.
    In the background of this commotion, the struggle for power in Syria and the liberation of the people from their totalitarian government is the poison gas attack that Assad has certainly not made of the world politically. This man is so stupid as not to provoke the superpower United States and such deposit the world community against itself. Anyone who thinks this is very much mistaken. Also, the inspectors of the UNO not in Syria to determine who carried out the attack, but only if he was ever executed. This seems to be clear. But it certainly looks as if the rulers Assad this poison gas attack to be blamed, the way in which predominantly Syrian soldiers and pro-government Shi'ite died and not, as is falsely claimed or is reported incorrectly on purpose. That brings back memories of the misguidance and dumbing down of the entire world when bogus reason for U.S. intervention in Iraq in 2003 and the subsequent war that the Arab world had made to law against the West. It depends always on the sources of information .
    It is also fatal misconception in times of global internet surveillance and eavesdropping by intelligence agencies and various institutions to
    think the intelligence to know what is happening in Syria is not behind the scenes . If the American president and his chief ally Prime Minister of England, France may yet decide with cruise missiles for an intervention in Syria, against all truth, reason and sense will Assad's regime indeed weakened, but the fight will continue.
    The origin of the conflict was the suppression of the Syrian people by the Assad regime , but now it 's just a question of whether the radical Islamists take power, or not. It is the right veto by Russia and China.
    The path should be a political solution, not a military one, political parties brought about by the peace negotiations for a peaceful solution
    in which all parties are taken into account . Otherwise, it is played with too high risk for the entire peace in the Middle East with Israel at the center of controversy. The field should not be left radicals and fanatics, which itself lies at peace at the very least . The American, British, French States should do well the hostile Syrian parties to bring to the table, so it wise to go coordinated and ensure peace in the Middle East.

    Früher musste man den Drachen töten und die Jungfrau heiraten.
    Heutzutage gibt es keine Junfrauen mehr, man muss den Drachen heiraten.

    - Drachenweisheit -


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