Astrological Advisor?

  • Hello,
    I've heard from Dragrider that here in the astro forum a woman should be real familiar with the stars. Would be great if she expresses herself, so I have some questions that would interest me for a long time and burn under my nails, maybe I could get a brief opinion on certain things in the near future. Need a little inspiration here.

    ❝Ist der Ruf erst ruiniert, lebt es sich ganz ungeniert❞

  • Dietmar, I'm just as addicted to the stars like you!
    Can say that I still do not see a time that is no longer even exist've heard 70% of the stars are no longer existent.
    Yes, there must be large natural disasters up there in the universe super, every day encounters a star with the others, triggering a natural disaster from!
    Yes, and the black holes, the earth should ever in such a black hole purely straight, she only has a circumference of 5 km, a tea spoon ground will then be tons, they will compress and condense the black hole is the suck earth, like all other stars to be around too!
    This process will only take a short time.
    It will spit out on the other side of the black hole, a new universe, as science reports, there will be 7 universe ... who knows ...
    Is the earth then in the new universe, they will accept the old size again and will decrease the time!
    And then there's this thing with the number 9, number 9 pyramids were built with access roads, almost all stars constellation consists of 9 stars, 9 + 9 = 18 (1 +8 = 9)
    3 * 9 = 27 (2 +7 = 9) 4 * 9 = 36 (3 +6 = 9) or you can do what you want with the 9 it is only with the 9 ..... 127 * 9 = 1143 (1 +1 +4 +3 = 9) This pay system had recognized Mayans! Located in Mexico