The girl who brought the world for 5 minutes to silence

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    The call of a young girl to the most powerful people of the world to work for a better, clean, honest world, against pollution and war.

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    "Wenn ein Mensch deine Seele berührt, wird dein Verstand ihn niemals löschen können"

  • The speech of the little girl is absolutely touching our hearts and filled with the unpleasant truth that doesn't want to hear the powerful of the world. Peace is expensive for the rich and costs jobs in the defense industry. Hunger and inequality, also creating equality of opportunity. But it's great to hear this truth from a child who has the future and the whole life ahead of her.
    You have a great video of society, Shakini.
    A topic about we can discuss further like.
    All the best

    ~ De finibus bonorum et malorum ~
    ~ Maßstäbe des Guten und Bösen ~