The day I stopped eating normal doner kebab

Bad oner โ€“ Good Doner

The day I stopped normal cheap kebab and all cheap meat to eat

We actually poison ourselves - every day - only with what we eat. We die earlier if we eat too much fat. We age faster because we eat artificial phosphates in the meat that destroy our kidneys and liver. Phosphates are added to the meat to bind the water in the meat. This allows the meat producer to mix more water into the meat to make it harder, which in turn means higher profits. However, the meat producer has this profit pressure because his customers dictate the prices to him, that's the buyers, in the case we, kebab snacks, restaurants, supermarket chains. This is a vicious spiral, let's all eat the cheapest doner kebab. Then the way to the rotten meat is not far away.

After seeing this feature on German mainstream television, I did not want to be part of this vicious cycle anymore and changed my consumption behavior immediately and sustainably. Since then, I prefer to drive a bit further and pay twice as much for a doner kebab operator who even equips his skewers with meat every day. Also, I only eat meat twice a week as a main meal, but then real, good meat. Once a week there is fish.

As always, the background is interesting, why, why, why we behave either way. Why, for example, does Turkey have to import 40% more meat? Answer: Because there is a construction boom in Turkey. That is why many shepherds and cattle breeders sell their pastures. That's why there are fewer meat producers. Therefore less meat in the national offer.

The following film may also make you think about a healthier lifestyle. You can look over the shoulders of food chemists, accompany food inspectors in their work, see kebab manufacturers in the factory, get to know the history of the real kebab, which does not consist of minced meat almost everywhere today, which is why meat consistency is always uniform and fine is. These may actually only be called "kebab skewers", which most doner kebab operators do not do. Get to know the truth behind the kebab, even who invented it. Above all, if you look long enough, you will find a wonderful person who puts his daily meat skewer with good meat from the region himself in his kebab restaurant, and sells it for 8, 50 โ‚ฌ. You get real, good meat for a fair price with real protein and real proteins. A valuable, good doner kebab.

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