From today JavaScript is called Java!

Java can be speaken and written faster than JavaScript

The term Java for "Java machine" or the "Java software" is basically only used by developers, experts and direct users, in any case much less frequently than the computer language "JavaScript". For the mass of web designers and users, however, JavaScript plays an important role in everyday life.

So I thought to myself: Maaan, what is the world in this particular matter cumbersome.

We love all the abbreviations.

So why not use the short, fast-spoken word Java for the most commonly used term "JavaScript", and use the rarely used term for the "real" Java as a Java engine, or whatever.

Linguistic change & language handling could be so easy.

Of course, the technical developers at that time did not think of the designations for the result of their work and technique.

None of the Java developer team would ever have thought that JavaScript will be on everyone's lips.

Otherwise they would have used the abbreviation "Java" for "JavaScripting". Just as light and fluffy as HTML for hypertransfer protocol.

Finally, today no one says: I use Hypertext Markup Language, but short and painless HTML.

Why not use short and painless Java for JavaScripting and Java Engine or what I know for the module to use.

Some do not want to understand this - they always mean: This is JavaScripting!

That I am only for an international renaming and thus lightening in the daily linguistic usage, which seems to play no role and wanted so far nobody would know.

Well... We humans tend to make certain things more complex and difficult than it is. Although we love short words and abbreviations JS is already the abbreviation, but not a cool and talkable. Java is so cool over the lips. So why not use this word for the frequently used thing ... and for the other rare thing to think of something else.

Lots of greets