Website broken! ๐Ÿ’ข Help for destroyed webdesigns

Deleting temporary Internet files is the solution

Design mistakes are not hackers!

Errors in the interaction of complicated weaving techniques are the real problem

Today our community was destroyed. Who was to blame? Quite simple: the selection of new and really great implementations of Google's advertising, called Adsense caused a brief destruction of all sites in the Internet community Cosirex.

Usually, web designers test such changes in a sandbox. Specifically, this means that innovations and changes are made in a protected environment, away from access by public users. In addition, such Web tests take place at times of low user activity, that is: in the night between 2:00 and 5:00 in the morning. Times when the Internet metropolises and information highways are empty - but only on this side of the world.

Google's top dog in advertising is really great these days. The type, size, placement (location) and content are independently selected. Adsense analyzes the website down to the smallest detail and then selects in milliseconds where and for how long to whom is annoyed, because it is even differentiated linguistically, as long as the operators use multilingualism.

Actually, we only wanted to change small details. This ended in supergrade because certain implementation techniques did not harmonize. The changes were reversed in less than five minutes. But the damage, the destroyed website remained!


Just the temporary Internet files in the browser had to be deleted.

That's the solution!

Deleting temporary internet files and cookies is the first and best help with destroyed website designs.

How to do it you can read here in detail...