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    Dj Luray or DeeJayLuray,
    these are the pseudonyms of René, which can hit all hearts and lovers of hyper-fast beats faster, to excess, or spinning. Let yourself abduct into the fantastic world of Dj Lurays gigantic compositions. DJ Luray makes slower music, music for dreaming. Beats ... Dance ... chill ... Love Parade ... Hyper ...
    DJ Luray's Style genres Dance, Trance, Techno, House, Minimal House (Micro House), Hands Up, Hard Trance, Hardstyle

    Here is the Youtube Channel of DJ Luray.

    Dj Luray is also a member of the Forum Cosirex and has allowed us to publish his brilliant musical works. The following music Kompostitionen are invariably DJ LURAY's works, copyright protected without exception and to be treated as his property explicitly. Consequently, these three pieces of music, the DJ LURAY has provided to the public only for download may be downloaded and heard the songs are not (yet) Gema free but needs any foreign publication, duplication and disclosure of the express consent of the composer DJ LURAY.
    DJ Luray's songs will soon have conquered the last hidden dancefloors. Then there will unfortunately be passed with the free music, because the cool songs and mixes are available in the record shops.
    Therefore, listen and ride off with Dj Luray's Mega Music.... :musik::musik::musik:

    The smileys of you look so fundamentally different. Did you do both?

    One look like the working style of Sareu, at least the smiley looks like his face, hahaha ... Great your attempts, just stay tuned, the smileys will be perfect.

    Especially the one in the bottom is already exactly like we want.

    Smileys that look like yahoo smilies, but yet changed so much that we do not violate the copyright of Yahoo.

    Wich program did you use to make the smileys? I'm burning to know it.

    Thank you Eala. We are looking forward to your next attempts. Please more.... ;)

    Super music video of Aerosmith with "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing", timeless cool.

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    Jaaa Hahahaha....Sareu ist der Unsinn in Formvollendung in sich selber...solange er nicht in jedem Forum, das nix mit Glauben und Gott zu tun seine antiwerbung macht und auch keine anderen mehr beleidigt oder verletzt kann er tun und lassen was er will.
    Er macht ja auch super tiefgründige und interessante Beiträge. Verzichten wollen wir auf unseren deutsch-mexikanischen Querschläger nicht...hahaha...ausserdem hat jeder seine Chance verdient. Bei ihm ist es die

    So, sareu, jetzt verwarne ich Dich zum letzten Mal. Du beleidigst hier nicht nur eine Userin des Forums, sondern auch meine eigene Lebenspartnerin, was ich doch stets hinten an stellte.
    Bei jeder und jedem anderen würde ich das auch tun. Das verstösst gegen alle Sitten und besonders gegen jeden Respekt den man für jeden Menschen haben sollte. Saphira/Cosirex ist sehr enttäuscht von Dir. Und ich sag Dir noch einmal so nen Scheiss, dann geht über die Wupper, in anderen Foren wärste schon raus....
    Mann, Mann, Mann so kann man doch net öffentlich schreiben, wie kannst Du nur. Weisste, ich ganz persönlich, ganz tief innen drin, denke wirklich dass es mit deiner ganzen Weltanschauung und deinem Unglauben zu tun hat. Vielleicht spürst Du ja ganz tief drinnen dass Du unrecht hast.

    Hello Cosirex forum friends! Hello everyone with great photos, pictures and screenshots!

    The International Chatter Gallery is there for everyone. Whether good or bad, beautiful or crazy, all that is not a yardstick. Only one thing is certain, Duke's International Chatter Gallery contains an interesting cross-section of the fun, crazy, cool Yahoo-MSN-Skype-Facebook-Twitter-Google-Paltalk-Camfrog-Chatters. Duke started the Chattergalerie with mostly Yahoo and MSN chatters. But due to the big increase and the increasing popularity, all people are taking their photos, who want to show the world something beautiful or crazy, or to meet other people. Because as diverse, so colorful, and different people are, so different and interesting are their pictures and photos. Welcome to Duke's Chat Pictures & Chat Photo Gallery....

    Incidentally, the pictures can be exchanged or deleted at any time, any normal user can set up to 15 photos. :)

    Hello Photo-Friends! Hello philanthropists! Hello to all people with great photos, images and screenshots!
    The International Chatter Gallery is there for everyone.
    Whether good or bad, beautiful or crazy, that there is no scale, no criterion. Only one thing is certain, the International Chatter gallery of Duke shows an interesting cross-section of the funny, crazy, cool Yahoo-MSN-Skype Facebook-Twitter-Google-Paltalk-Camfrog-Chatter.
    The Chatter gallery began with the photos of mainly Yahoo and MSN chatters. But
    by the faster growing number of photos and rising popularity today
    invite all people highly their photos, who want to show something
    beautiful or crazy the world, and to meet new people. Therefore, it has long been not only gallery for more chatter, but for all men.
    As varied, so colorful, and so different people are so interesting your images and photos.
    Welcome to the Duke's Chat Chat Pictures & Photo Gallery.
    The images can incidentally be replaced at any time or deleted, any user can set up to 20 photos.
    Perhaps there will soon be the premium services that make more pictures and albums possible.
    The Gallery adapts to the needs of users. :)

    Lach, funny smiley face, old friend and Schwerenöter, but unfortunately unusable. No blinkers, but something good, high-grade. There is pixel art asked, who can pixeln is clearly in the advantage. Furthermore lots of fun and success with the pixel. Take e.g. This one here: :hahaha: and only changes the mouth, or much better, turns to all smileys only ears, that is already enough. In any case, monster sizes like Sareu's Smiley, hahaha, oh yes, sigh, always good, always funny, the man Helmut Sareu.

    To all Gif enthusiasts! Pixler to work, make yourself a name.

    Show what you have on it!
    We want to replace the smileys here in the forum completely with new, own smileys which are connected to the Cosirex.

    This means:
    To grant Cosirex the use to lifetime.
    It's about having own smileys in the same size, but still have our own, individual smileys.
    Important:No matter if you only make one, several, or even the whole smiley-list, of course you will be mentioned with your name or pseudonym for lifetime on the copyrights page of Cosirex Community, this is linked to the forum here The smileys you created for Cosirex.
    Make yourself great as a Master Pixler.
    Who is taking part?

    Hello Eagle,
    I found something else for you. Jonny Hill - Ruf Teddybär Eins Vier (Call teddy bear one four)
    See ya, bye...

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    "Everything for your fun"

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