Windows update of the century - 14th Juni 2017

    • Official Post

    Today Microsoft makes a great exception and surprise!

    The annual June security update was rolled out, means published. Remarkable:

    Although the Windows XP operating system has not been supported since 2014, Microsoft makes an exception this year. XP users will be amazed that the decade update 2017 will be provided after all these years.

    Why: Microsoft justifies the case with state attacks on or from XP computers. Through security gaps, networks and servers could be compromised and infiltrated. Nevertheless, the company will continue to stick to its service plan not to provide the old operating systems with updates.

    That's enough.

    Today people are mass-animal-husbandry-like (my new word creation 2017) no longer able to mentally
    grasp more than short-messages like Twitter, Whatsapp or SMS. More as light meals citizens aren't able to understand. Also academics who are capable of achieving the highest performance levels in their respective departments, but are no longer capable of an intellectual high-altitude flight like an empty balloon.

    People degraded to work, eat, drink, and use their mobile phone, computer and TV. People are trained to consume the crap that is given to them by their state and the government. Paralyzed by the state-manipulated opinion in the media.

    Human mass management so that the next political election is secured for further state rip-off.