Malware/Trojan found - of Al-Qaida, or of the anti-terrorist authorities?

  • Incredible! Malware check from AdwCleaner positive! Malware found!

    The result allows wild speculation and even more questions about questions.

    Why is there worldwide no documentation about this malware, although it is still present in the AdwCleaner database. So it can be detected and removed accordingly? Questions that could be deeply indicative. Because it could be possible that with this malware terrorists or their sympathizers will be tried to track down.

    Fascinating: The names of these unauthorized registry entries are exactly the same as the name of an French newspaper article.

    Important: The newspaper/news site Lyon Capitale has nothing to do with the malware, the malware came with the video site, it is a pro-Al-Qaida video portal.

    More specifically: The name itself is the actual URL (Internet address) of the article page:


    Result - AdwCleaner (Malwarebytes) scan und removal of the detected malware:

    Questions about questions - Summary:

    Half a year ago, I watched an Al-Qaeda propaganda avid, officially linked in a french newspaper, and by the video I got this malware, in the worst case a Trojan.

    Is it this malware from the evil or the good?

    If a government organization is scanning me for terrorist activities, I could still live with it. Finally, a global war rages on the Internet. It would be questionable, because borders are crossed. Nevertheless, the anti-terrorist organizations also have to resort to unconventional means to get hold of those who only kill for pleasure and for religion is only an excuse for their horror.

    If the Maware is from Al-Qaeda itself, it would not be surprising.

    What was still contaminated, installed and spied?

    Why is there no single documentation about this malware?

    This suggests that it is a white Trojan of an anti-terrorist iniative.
    Hope is dying last.

    Basically, I want to make this information available on the Internet.

    ATTENTION: There is the threat of unwanted, unasked registry entries.

    ATTENTION: Here is something! Look!

    What is here? - Experts can deal with this. Transparency is a visible sign of freedom and democracy.

    Background information about the video in the newspaper

    The article in the newspaper "Lyon Capitale" describes a propaganda video of Al-Qaeda about an assassin, who lives in the Al-Qaeda video linked there, live a man with a knife head.
    This article has caused me sleepless nights for days. About half a year ago I looked as if this abominable video - unable to switch off the video. Never had I ever seen a man being killed or murdered, nor wanted it. This shocking act I will never forget.

    The killing of the hostage is shown down to the last detail, because it is a propaganda video of Al-Qaeda itself. Although I am used to some, I went to the limits of my mental resilience. In the end, the tears ran, bewildered and dumb with anger as stupid people, regardless of religion, race. With the murderer shown in the newspaper were shown some connections with the assassin of Nice.

    Happy about every information about this malware.

    Who knows something about?

    Lots of greets