DMOZ terminated - ODP worlds largest humanized web directory is history

  • On 17.03.2017 the era DMOZ was terminated. ODP (Open Directory Project) was the largest manhandled web directory in the world.

    Web sites of any kind and size were only released and updated after a direct review of a volunteer editor (editor).

    The basic idea is ingenious, as this ensured a high quality standard. Everything depended on the one hand, on the basic idea of the free
    ODP organization and how strongly the respective editor enforced this basic idea in his work.

    However, this could also be seen as a possible critique: If the editors had their own political, religious, social, cultural, cultural views, these would of course be reflected in their decision to approve or reject domains.

    In today's times of the Internet with exploding growth rates and rapid changes of domains, no static, long-lasting Internet sites as up to
    2010, it was probably only a matter of time until the project DMOZ was overstrained.

    Currently, the Internet is subject to extreme changes, search engines and networks become the political, economic, social power factor with massive commercial interests, which tend to suppress human individuality.

    Today, these are our daily companions that we have to deal with: war on the Internet, ripping through software and services, warning waves, cyber criminals, stalking, espionage, total surveillance, and making themselves or others dependet from the Internet and its electronic temptations.

    So the ODP on was a welcome alternative in a world of bots and crawlers. A real rock in surf as a web directory and search engine for all websites, blogs, organizations, businesses, networks, communities, to private homepages.

    Too bad, DMOZ-ODP - You were an oasis in the foreign-controlled Internet...

    Thanks to all who built this amazing service.

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