Servercrash - Back in time maschine to the 23rd of November 2016

    • Official Post

    Dear Cosirex friends and members,
    I am sorry to tell you that our oasis was offline for almost 10 days. Now we are back again and up-to-date.
    Forum and all other services run faster than ever with the latest technology of PHP 7.0.14, Imagick, Nginx with FPM, security and software.
    Connection between user browser and domain is safer than ever, watch
    Unfortunately, the database backup had to be rebuilt on the 23rd November 2016.
    As the result that all topics, posts, articles, comments, images from 23.10.2016 to yesterday are disappeared in the nirvana of deep internet.
    Not everything!
    In Google cache I could find some posts and at least store raw texts, which can be restored as soon as possible.
    Avatars and images have to be uploaded by each user again, sorry especially for this.
    Shit happens! What did we learn from it?
    Now automatic daily database backups and complete server backups will be made.
    Something like this happens only once.

    We apologize for this incident and wish you a pretty nice time in social network Cosirex