Folk Festival 2016 in Königstädten, Germany - Festival Parade + Funfair

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    Kinsteerer Kerb is the annual funfair for parish festival.
    The folk festival near Rüsselsheim am Main, Germany, is well-known far beyond the city and has traditionally been arranged by the young Kerbians and Kerbys (Kerb men & Kerb girls)
    Of the three original Kerb clubs, only the two biggest are active and celebrate the feast two weeks without interruption. Unbelievable!
    To this event, all the people, especially the Kerbians and Kerbys from the neighboring cities and villages are invited.
    This year's Kerbe speech (similar to carnival speeches) and much more from Königstädten's history could be read on the websites of the Kerb clubs, official local media and, of course, amazing COSIREX Community.
    I created the video in 4K to easily share it with the world. Feel free to share it on other websites over embed code by Youtube/Cosirex.

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