The flying car of the future is reality

  • The car of the future can fly, drive, perhaps it is can also swim.
    It's unbelievable how close we are the future visions of past science fiction movies. A mix of car, helicopter, airboat brings the fun of driving off the road into the air. In less than a minute to the road vehicle is transformed into an aircraft and raises by two twin propeller engines mounted on the fold-out mini wings off the ground.
    The propellers on the wings, which are similar in design to a Quadrocopter be continuously rotated after reaching the desired altitude in the horizontal, which results in a faster airspeed, the lift is already increased by the greater speed. Therefore, the flying car rich and miniature wings, which provide for increasing speed for sufficient buoyancy.
    Then the twin rotors is switched off completely and collapsed, the flying car is now only driven by the large rear propeller which sits like a swamp boat at the end of the fuselage and ensures a constant cruising speed of up to 200 mph.
    Will the flying car landing again, be extended the twin rotors started and evenly rotated in vertical direction until they are all the way up like a helicopter and thereby provide sufficient lift to landing.

    This is art that inspires!

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