Strange people hustle around trying to pick up a war

  • Leggo. I'm dirty, I'm fancy. German red noses in snow down town. Hustle here, hustle there, hustle everywhere.
    Who gonna start this war. I did. Sorry, I apologize trying to fight against everyone on planet earth.
    Can ya help ticker my brain. News is next in central europe, happy holiday with AFN. American Forces network apologizes for being american,
    that's what germany does. Nothing real.
    Where's my school. School hustle, find my name, Web 4.0, Leggo. Hard work. 8|:thumbup::whistling:

    Just seen some motivation ! Ya boi made the highest honors bulletin at college..! Aint done yet ...leggo #‎findmyname #‎hardwork ‪#‎schoolhustle [u]#4.0