Car Driver falls at Drive Thru out of his moving car

  • A funny movie as a GIF file. Car driver falls directly out of his car as he gets his burger bag in his hand. Is he drunk or just a klutz? This surmise the group members of the Google community "Car Enthusiasts" (trash talk). Especially everyone wants to know how the movie comes to an end. Is there a car accident? How much blood alcohol had the driver? Drug screening? How does the film go on?
    Is the film even manipulated and a fake? Because the filmer is filming with a cell phone out of his hand, he doesn't have a permanently mounted dashcam, wobbling can be seen.
    Funny is that they shot the scene by chance, particularly on such a boring place like a Drive Thru, where less than one million visits end with something special, boring all the time, except insults by employees of the burger restaurant. For me as camer very suspect.

    Here is the phenomenal Google post (Linking is allowed via Facebook Twidda)…1686423/posts/AH6UnYqghLE
    Thanks Brian S.


    "Shaken, not stirred"

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    That's funny :)