♫ Elvis Presley Forever - Elvis Presley Music Videos ♫

  • The music of Elvis Presley the king of rock 'n roll is unforgettable and timeless...
    My first music cassette was an Elvis collection with his greatest hits and some rarities. I'll never forget how I have cycled through Nauheim by Gross-Gerau with about 12 years in the early 80s, back on the luggage rack I had a giant tape recorder, brand stone age, the songs of Elvis echoed provocatively through the streets. Hey, friends, it was gorgeous! Wonderful!
    Unfortunately, the King of Rock 'n Roll was no longer together with us for 7 years or more at this time, but his songs will always remain us of him they make Elvis unforgettable.
    Here we are: The King of Rock 'n Roll, Blues and more...


  • The very first song of Elvis Presley here in Cosirex Board was unfortunately his last. He sang "Are You Lonesome Tonight" as an encore at the end of his last concert in Indianapolis, where he died in the following night.

  • The wonderfully touching song "In The Gettho" by Elvis Presley describes the endless cycle of violence, poverty, chanceless circumstances, hopelessness, and the resulting recurring violence in the getthos of our world.
    A cry for social justice!