♫ Jeffrey Kagel is "Krishna Das" ♫

  • "Krishna Das" born by the real name Jeffrey Kagel on May 31, 1947 in Long Island, New York, USA is the most famous US singer of kirtan music. Kirtan music is devotional, Indian form of religious, spiritual devotion, in Which the name of God be sung. Eight albums has published since 1996 Krishna. Jeffrey Kagel what in the 1960s, a representative of the Hippie generation and Rock 'n' Roll music made experiences with drugs like many contemporaries.
    For the reason being not filled by this way of life he traveled through the suggestion of a friend to India and met hindu guru Neem Karoli Baba (Maharaj-ji) in 1970, who henceforth became his teacher. Jeffrey left everything behind and started a new life influenced by love, meditation, yoga, to name just a few. His music is not commercial, at his concerts people are dancing gripped by the spirit of love, reflected his music.

  • A remarkable video, because the imagery is already a universe unto itself. The music accompanies the devotion to God. When I saw this for the first time, a variety of thoughts and emotions went through my body, soul and spirit. Many photos and arrangements I know, from the Byzantine paintings of the penultimate millennium (0 to 1000 AD.). And I wonder when I think of the Great's conquests of Alexander, who has ventured deep into India, as the same are the images and their statements.
    Well, one is anyway sure we humans, no matter where we are come right. We all have the same daily problems, fears, needs, and preferences. Love, happiness, sickness, envy, jealousy, intrigue, struggle for freedom, social thought, science, spirituality, religion, striving for power and a lot more there are, there are people in all eras and world rulers, of Adam and Eve, so the Neanderthals until Laying effeminate, nature strangers of the modern era who reveals his fortune in mobile phones, computers, TV and communities such as Facebook, and in case of Supergaus as a gigantic natural disaster does not even know how he milks cows or chicken eggs.
    I am fascinated by the same images, which are similar in ancient Greece, the Pharaohs to the Roman world domination. Even the Incas to same features with modern times.
    I believe in God, the Christian God, which rose from the Jewish God, and also of Islam follows. Because Islam and Christianity be without the Jewish faith never, never arose, why they fight relentlessly and, just because of the question of the truth which religion is the truer, a childish game. We originate all together but the cosmos of uniqueness.
    The whole thing is love, we all come from the eternal, creative love, move in it, and it always will, fortunately, be always connected as a great whole and remain.
    Phenomenal is the fact that even older civilizations such as the Asian, similar characteristics as the latter-day since the beginning of our era.
    Even the Indians in North America and Incas carry genes that are related to the Euro-Asian. Summary: At the end is someone who comes from very simple conditions, proving once again that we humans still have a common origin, and that we have not occurred by accident or act of nature, but a God, a loving primal force behind it, the decide ourselves what we can do if we are monster, man killer or loving people who are there for each other, no matter what religion, national origin or social background we have.
    In my opinion, humanity finds itself once more at a crossroads.
    In a well-known news channel I saw two weeks ago that we in 20 years still need a planet Earth to feed the 6 billion people. It is global politics, or rather planning, hip to save us. Because if we do not introduce birth control in the countries that will explode, and accessing the resources useful to the wise Indian's right: Then the last fish is caught and we will realize that we can not eat money. And I say, then there is a world war that wipes the whole of humanity in the worst case, but at least throws us back to the early Middle Ages "back-beams". "Please once beaming, Mister Scotty."
    All those who have fallen for the power or the money will continue to play poker as long as they still have their island, where they fly quickly when it cracks everywhere, and until the last man is burned.
    We need a human, lookahead world government that receives the planet earth in its elemental functions, the way in the right direction articulated in consideration and respect every religion, race, culture, they may still be so small and insignificant.
    Who should do it? A person who loves all nations, all people alike and will receive. We are at a crossroads! Science knows that, but at the moment the flood itself is unfortunately each of the next. We've just about 10 years before the inferno breaks loose. The desire for freedom in the countries of North Africa is a foretaste of what is to come.

  • An hour of happiness with the amazing "Krishna Das" alias "Jeffrey Kagel"
    Relax, sit back, close your eyes, enjoy ...

    Including special song "My foolish heart" unforgetable starting at 1:13:45 (which is also the last song)