For Peace and against War

  • Good Evening!
    Want remember one day after the memorial "D-Day", the Allied invasion of Normandy on 06/06/1944 in France with a pensive photo to the fallen soldiers of the 1st World War.
    D-Day of the 2nd World War, on the war memorial of the fallen and missing german soldiers in World War 1.
    What can I mean that I have just now seen a night color film documentation on the D-Day and the landing of the Allies in Normandy with the consequent slaughter and mutual slaughter. Tens of thousands dead, shredded and wounded on both sides of the French dream beach, which became known as "Ohama Beach" in world history.
    The common denominator is, unfortunately, as so often death and destruction; War, suffering, and pain, which should show the "cold, bare ass" everywhere. So somehow, somewhere right.
    We tearing the walls of perdition down! Should not forget the fallen, they are still part of our lives, our own history and identity was, unfortunately for the wrong goals, and died for nothing entirely.
    They serve as a reminder of human stupidity and foolishness, for the lust for power, influence and wealth, we show the greed what we think of her.
    Let us learn from the past in peace, happiness, freedom, and love to live.
    A beautiful Sunday

    ~ De finibus bonorum et malorum ~
    ~ Maßstäbe des Guten und Bösen ~