Real reason for crash of Boeing 777, Flight MH 370, in Malaysia

  • Therefore, the machine of Malaysia Airlines crashed.
    Today I got the information about the real crash cause directly by an employee of a major german airport , from the air traffic control. Behind closed doors, speaking pilots and aviation professionals worldwide about the truth, but it should not made public. It could possibly confidence in the airline and the aircraft manufacturer Boeing, and certain aircraft maintenance services are permanently damaged or negativly influenced.
    What the absolute insider tell is like a bombshell.
    This particular Boeing 777 was to have been known to have had certain shortcomings that were not resolved, and were simply ignored or covered up during maintenance. It's not about defects on the aircraft type in general, but only to make this special plane that crashed.
    The experts are sure that the one wing is broken off during the flight, and immediately caught fire, then the aircraft is still exploded in the air. It is precisely this rapid succession of tragic events are also the reason that the crew was able to sell no more emergency by the explosion. Death came unexpectedly and quickly.
    Now it 's just about impossible to falsify the truth and to limit the damage. So many people had to die because again somewhere money should be saved, or people neglected their responsibility. This special airplane was known for the problem with the wings. And it is not the problem of Boeing, because Boeing is a safe and good aircraft in general, but the maintenance service make this awful mistake.
    This is the truth about the crash of the Boeing 777, flight MH370.

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