Drones are a danger for our privacy

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    By drones with video cameras we destroy even our private lifes!
    We criticize the intelligence agencies from all over the world because they spy on our phone and internet connections and engage deeply in our privacy world. Services such as Google Street View are more and more in the criticism to intervene in our private lifes. We criticize the major institutions of power from politics, economy, defense, all services provide basically the photos and places, save and publish them.
    But what do we actually do by ourselves?
    We buy more and more drones, which are mostly small, radio-controlled helicopters that are equipped with video cameras and shot photos, videos, even with recorded sound. And in the end they will be published in video platforms and social networks.
    Looks so privacy and intimacy? Probably not!
    Where does espionage begins, and where does neutral reporting, or simple representation of people and their environment, and their way of life end?
    We really should even start thinking about where the journey in our multimedia world goes to. We have become glassy people. Personalities from film industry, television, politics, business, VIP's from all areas were systematically tapped and recorded in England, and that happens in almost every country in the world, also here in Germany. Why do we still rain on us?
    Post your medical records to the Internet, your CV, your trespasses, charges, bank accounts, the lies of your life, also your talents and achievements. Then, the legislature will no longer need to worry about spy scandals and how they should be combated and be punished.
    Again any limits of decency have been crossed long ago. Be aware of the beginnings!
    This soundless video of the "New York Daily News" was released on Youtube, I got it as a contribution in one of my Google+ circles of friends.

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