🌿 Marijuana on prescription for children! Good or Bad?

  • The miraculous healing powers of THC contained in cannabis or marijuana are made accessible for children in the US now.
    What do you think about it? Is it good according to special illnesses to give children cannabis medicine and products?
    Or is it dangerous to give children cannabis, because they can get addicted of it? Here ist an interesting report from "VICE" in english language, found in Youtube.

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    So, I am convinced that cannabis in some diseases has very positive healing effects. In the meantime, this has even been firmly confirmed in clinical studies. But I must say, on the one hand children with cancer get horrible chemotherapies and radiations, which would find the children on the verge of slipping, or although not intentionally bring them near death by this kinds of healing, but on the other hand, I find it better to wait with cannabis products until the childrens distinct soul and character formation is complete, shortly said to wait through adolescence.
    We should not underestimate the potential for addiction and also the intoxicating side effects, as well the shown eating flash, the laxity, and the altered perception of reality.
    On the same day of Inception's posting here in Cosirex Forum I saw in FB an advertisement of cannabis products in the USA. This shows that there is no coincidence. Everything has a sense, place, and time. Exactly these products we are talking about are sold there and they say that the drug intoxication is enhancing, psychoactive components are filtered during production of oils and tablets. Hello! I don't think so. Laugh.
    It serves rather to calm down potential customers.
    Well, it is a double-edged sword, however, there is also the real chance of a successful cannabis therapy.
    Lots of Greets