Sports Forum – Fitness Forum

    • Official Post

    Hi members and friends of Cosirex Forum, here ist the new Sports Forum - Fitness Forum.
    It is not only owed to those who want to make sports and talk about it, it is also for those who want to be fit or just like to do something for their health.
    In this new forum even negative experiences can be reported like injuries caused by making too much intensive sports, the intake of nutrinational, dietary supplements and medicine, such as vitamins, steroids, etc, or experiences on making not enough or the wrong sport.
    Similarly, by using the excellent calendar function, training reports and workouts, like when, what, and where, could be shared with the whole world, or only forum members, or with your friends of the Cosirex Community.
    Enough talking, or typing. Have a lot of fun in the Sport and Fitness Forum ! ! !