Attention - Extreme Digital Drugs

  • Those who want to get addicted to the "drugs" can purchase tracks that
    will purportedly bring about the same effects of marijuana, cocaine,
    opium and peyote. While street drugs rarely come with instruction
    manuals, potential digital drug users are advised to buy a 40-page guide
    so that they learn how to properly get high on MP3s.

    digital drugs with i-doser, legale stimulation of all drugs

    what always works, seems extremely simple to-be :) headphones on, load the program, and test :) normally costs which, depending on what one wants, and is only to be used 1 time, then you have to buy it again

    extreme reactions of an i-doser thing, which is called ''gate of hades'' costs 199 dollar, who is interested to test it, give me a call, but you came close to the feeling of death, you don't die, but you make a near death experience like you see here in these videos!