It's A Hard Life - Love Story - Super 8 Movie 1985

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    It's A Hard Life ... Playing time exactly 1.01 hrs .... Yes sorry for the sound quality in a few places, everything is improved ...
    More informations are in the next post written as @Duke.
    Some amazing music songs from the 80's are still in the film as background music.
    Therefore, I hope, that someone helps me to edit the audio tracks properly, otherwise I would have to make the digitization and again the mistakes that I myself could then fix the audio track during the performance by the latest technology raushaut with one click. But I watch it yourself something I can do. The whole fluence of the film should not be destroyed.
    Well, so far we have had all chances and so much else. The film is better with the original film music and this was always important for me, because it creates emotions and connections. In the moment I knock on all music institutions, such as Sony Entertainment to get a special license of the music, like an educational one. But I'm not successful in this case, which is business as usual in the present. No good times for young film makers, school mate swho create movies, nothing like in the past and earlier days...
    Best regards and a happy weekend.

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