School class 9f2 - No Escape - Students fight against evil teachers - Super 8 Movie 1984

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    The class 9f2 - No Escape - Teachers fight against evil students - 1984
    The script I wrote at the age of 15 years, was filmed with Super 8 camera from Bauer Nizo 6080 of 60 feet film cartridges in Kodak and Kodachrome, the more light-and dark for night shots, or Ektachrome, the sound recorded with a directional microphone.
    Even today I watch the movies I cry because it overcomes me a sentimental feeling, with the tears of laughter, pain and longing, after a time, the infinitely beautiful and carefree was all that it was. Thanks, not to forget those who no longer live with us, like some of the young and old actors and some other from the film crew. You all are a wonderful audience. Thanks to Youtube for providing.

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