School class 8F2 - The Beginning - Teachers fight against evil students - Super 8 Movie - 1983

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    My legacy to a wonderful world. It's your world ... they hold in honor, and keep them ... Immanuel Kant Gymnasium in Rüsselsheim, city of Adam Opel AG automobile founder... these were the days, of which we only dream about today... Greets and Kisses.
    The script I wrote at the age of 14 years, was filmed with Super 8 camera by Bauer, Nizo 6080, to 60 feet of film cassettes from Kodak, and the more light-Kodakchrome for night and dark recordings., Or Ektachrome, the sound was recorded with a directional microphone . But because of my limited experience with the action in this first film, Thomas Steinke took the tone with normal cassette radio on (Gettho Blaster Pit Graminski). Only in the second part of "9f2" the sound was recorded directly and mouth-synchron.

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    A few background details
    Would be noteworthy to mention that I am one of the most expensive Super 8 cameras have earned at that time at the age of 13 years by an auxiliary construction job myself. My grandfather was an architect, and got me these holiday job in Nauheim, instead of money I got from the owner this great camera with directional microphone, you can say that it is the best super was 8 camera at the time, for which the contractor "Mr. Thiele" self-do not use / want more had.
    The heavy professional tripod (with built-in spirit level to calibrate) I bought the last zusammengespartem money used in Rüsselsheim photo film business. The camera car built my grandpa in the home workshop ... lol ... My father played himself, a police officer, with his best friend from school, an engineer at Opel Rüsselsheim. So, enough details, it was adventurous and infinitely beautiful at all. The world was in upheaval, short before the turn and fall of the wall, German New Wave, a crazy, cool time!