Chat addiction ๐Ÿคณ Online addiction โ€“ Computer addiction โ€“ Internet addiction

The very first german Internet Addicted - Therapy June 1991 - Rehab Center Hahnenholz โ…ก in Reddighausen - Hesse
Type Description Hazard Potential [1-10]
365/12/24/60 Hardcore Chatter
Well, so to speak, chat addiction in perfection!
As a rule, they are housewives or unemployed people who are online 24 hours a day, and always reachable.
They are the chatting addicts and do not leave an opportunity to emphasize daily that those who are not to be afraid of Real Life can be deplored. They are sorry for themselves.
This genus Chatter should urgently see a doctor.
Frustrated chatter
The frustrated
The people who only come into the chat when they are frustrated. They are very rare.
If these chatter are there, it's mostly at night.
They always seem a bit emotionsless, but are usually friendly.
Locked chatter
The locked
Perform a regular job, usually it is a technical job in which he does not have to communicate with other people.
This type is very closed, speaking by voice rarely until never. This may have various causes, e.g. shyness.
Is there daily, has many chat friends. Whether this type is endangered depends strongly on the person's realism.
Stressed chatter
The Busted
The Stressed
โ€œGo away, shut up!โ€
People who are looking for relaxation, distance from everyday life, in which they are totally under steam, in which everything is required.
These people use the chat to relax, mostly daily.
They are distant in dealing with the chat friends and build only very little intensive contacts.
Sex chatter
Horny chatter
Sex addicted chatter
โ€œBend over!โ€
All people who are on hunts for women's or men's, often also lesbians and gays.
They mack on everyone that does not get fast enough on the tree, mostly via PN (personal message), but also directly in the room.
Exhibitionist chatter
Cam-jerk Cam-wanker Masturbating women
โ€œLook at me โ€“
I'm a horny bitch!โ€
These chatters present themselves naked in front of the webcam, feel comfortable, they satisfy themselves several times in the evening before the cam.
As long as there are still women who have fun and watch them, these gentlemen will be there and pursue their addiction.
The female counterpart of the Cam-Wanker/Cam-Jerk is the woman, which satisfies herself in front the cam.
They fill everything in themselves and delight themselves in the crowd of spectators.
Even couples can be common Cam-fucker.
Fetishist chatter
The fetishist
โ€œKneel down, bitch!โ€
These ladies and gentlemen find like-minded chatting. People with whom they can speak openly, which they take seriously.
They usually look for a common room or open a private room.
As a rule, they are intelligent and open people.
Disabled chatter
The handicapped
The disabled
People with physical disabilities who are reluctant to live among people or are so severely handicapped that they can not leave the house.
In most cases they do not reveal their handicap, behave completely normal.
Traumatized chatter
The traumatized
Someone who has a traumatic experience behind, have to forget, because he is regularly confronted with it in real life.
This type of chatter is looking for distraction in chat.
Left-behind chatter
The abandoned
These chatter are often divorce victims or victims of a separation. They are suffering because of lack of self-awareness, are desperate.
These people build up again in the chat, find distraction, refuel.
Most of the time, they are quickly disappearing when they find a new partner, or have refueled.
However, since this phase can take a very long time, the addictive potential is very high.
Opportunity chatter Totally normal people who see the chat as a welcome change and entertainment. 1
Smartass chatter
Wiseacre, Wisenheimer
Types that call everyone chatsy are just there to demonstrate to others how pathetic they really are.
Frequently also people who abuse the unemployed, they think other chatter should rather go to job searches than hang around here.
These types are often found on the long ignore lists, because they are intolerable, and second, even if they should be right, are gladly blown out.
The lonely chatter
The lonely ones
The lonely
These people hope to finally find the suitable counterpart or lid in the chat, since they have very little or no possibility and are always overlooked by everyone.
Presumably also because they do not correspond to the ideal image of society.
The chat destroyer
The destroyer
A very unpleasant category of chatters.
They come only to destroy, to hurt people in their deepest interior.
The chatter browse profiles and homepages for personal information and try to spread rumors. The Destroyer Chatter is openly confronting people with their problems.
They often make jokes at the expense of others.
They are destroyers who are only trying to hurt others.
They are usually only in a chat room for a short time, often changing the nicknames, because they are in many Igno lists.
Loud kicker
Silently kicker
The loud kicker booms with the fact that he kicks, however, forget that boosters are usually trojan-infected software.
Not himself kicks others from the chat room, but a simple program, which children kindergarten children could use.
This guy plays as if only he could decide who enters or leaves the room, locks accounts, and has mostly created hundreds of kicknicks.
The quiet kicker is very sneaky, he is very technically well-versed and enjoys the boating of other people.
A poor creature actually, because these people are often lonely, see no other way to generate a personal success for themselves personally.
Addicted chatter
Narcotic chatter
Alcoholic chatter
Gambling addicted chatter
These people have already become addicted to an real addiction, are so to speak vulnerable, since they have already proved addiction potential. Double Junkies, in real and also addicted to chat.
Frequently, it is a question of the presence of a person who is already a member of a group of people who is already a marginal group, and who try to conceal this fact in the chat, or to meet with other addicts.
Writing rascals
Writing scamps
Writing whippersnapper
This chatter category does not come into the voice, writes only, pulls it to the mouth.
With these people you can chat in the chat very interesting conversations and exchange.
They are masters in the use of smilies in chat, as it is the only way for them to express emotions.
They are usually naughty and often humorous.
Your jokes never go under the belt line because they have fun on the chat.
Silent chatter
The Silent
The chatter always talks quietly or not at all, do not want to notice, only comes into the voice, to play music, if at all. He feels often pressured, if he is addressed in PN, takes short and is mostly in the background. If this type of chatter is criticized or consciously compelled to get into the voice, he usually leaves the room without a word. 6
Lone parent chatter
The single parent
Lone parents
Single parents
People in the chat who can not leave the house because of their family situation, especially if they have to take care of the upbringing of small children. The chat serves as a substitute and interface for the world in front of the door, which must be considered too often from the inside. 8
The chat provocateur
The provocateur
Frequently people who are incredibly frustrated. They can not leave their rage in real life because the social environment does not allow it and try to free themselves in the chat.
They insult all marginalized groups and those who are just randomly nearby.
Frequently, the provocative and provocateur also appears as a chatter of the category "Loud kicker".

Chat addiction appearance โ€“ addiction behavior of online-addiction
Presentation of computer addiction / chat addiction / being constantly online

Question: How does it matter if a person is addicted to chat, computer, internet?

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Why the chat shaped and changed my life.
I've found my great love in chat/internet.
How fast do I get married with my internet experience?
Come on, join in the chat. Come on, join in the chat..
We chat until dawn.
I feel like chatting. Hot! Hot! Hot!

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