Summertime/Wintertime โ€“ The lie about daylight saving time

Time change - The fight for the last word

Hi friends,

As we know, 82% of Europeans have decided against daylight saving time, and therefore summer time. So far so good. However, some of those responsible did not want to accept this and so the question was soon raised "If there is no more time change, what time do we keep as normal time". It is the stupidest of all questions, because we also know "Winter time is, was, and always will be normal time".


Simply because thousands of years ago, people aligned time with the sun. At noon at 12 p.m. the sun is at its zenith, i.e. completely candle-level up in the sky. This noon at 12 noon is the measure of all time of day. Point! and fact!

And they keep trying to scratch our self-doubts. I just experienced that again the day before the time change. There was a video launched by the government in Facebook, in which it appeared, by chance, but with relentless determination, that the change in time would have advantages. With always the same lie "We would save money and energy through summer time". No! It has been refuted a hundred times. We save no money and no energy at all by changing the time. For this reason, the first summer time during World War I was withdrawn after a short time. At that time, politics was even more honest, at least a hint.

The current discussion as to whether summer time or winter time should count as normal time has only one reason: to unsettle people, to annoy them so that in the end they start a new referendum, motto "Come ', that's all for us too annoying. Let's leave it as it is. "

Don't get confused. It can only be one time, as it was millennia ago: normal time is winter time. 12:00 p.m. the sun is at its zenith. That's how it was and always will be.