Network Initiative โ€“ Lรถw must remain German National Coach

World Champion Germany of FIFA 2014
By Agรชncia Brasil ([1]) [CC BY 3.0 br (], via Wikimedia Commons

Yogi Lรถw is successful โ€“ also in 2018 โ€“ You can not always be the winner

The stupid talk of the press around ร–zil and Gรผndogan has ALL destroyed.

Merkel gently shook Erdogan's hands during the state visit. How mendacious is the world actually?

The big ones are allowed to do everything โ€“ the little ones are hanged!

With dignity, fun and winking eye can lose โ€“ then get up immediately โ€“ and make it better and better โ€“ that's what we want from the German national team and Yogi Lรถw.


Lรถw-Flick [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], by Tomukas - Thomas Holbach, from Wikimedia Commons


20180602 FIFA Friendly Match Austria vs. Germany Jogi Lรถw 850 1386 [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], by Granada, from Wikimedia Commons