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  • Nothing anymore, just like new bad world is.

    • Welcome. For your personal web pages, the profile offers more possibilities to introduce yourself and what you do.
      You have also the big chance to use your blog for your passion, work, business, whatever you want.
      Everything is free here and for a better world, freedom and peace.
      We already have an native in the (International Photo Gallery). It's the peoples photo community.
      Whatever you write here, I can translate to german and copy it as a new german thread.
      The father of this cool native guy is an origin native, not Cherokee, but he came as an United States soldier to Germany and met his mother here. So, man everything is possible.
      Interestingly you make yourself and your environment with many interesting contributions to your work. There is also a Facebook/Google+/Twitter linking and log in chance.
      Great success and best wishes
      :sonne: :super: :glueck:

    • Schön einen echten us-amerikanischen Indianer bei uns in der Cosirex Community zu haben. Hoffe du schenkst uns einen Teil von deinem uraltem Wissen aus der Gemeinschaft von Mensch, Natur und Tieren. Dein Geist und deine Seele mögen uns bereichern. Viele Grüße