Sieh die herzergreifende Rettung eines Baby-Elefanten, der in einem Brunnenschacht gefangen ist | Nat Geo Wild

This baby elephant fell into a well in Kerala, India.
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Its trumpeting woke up the villagers early in the morning. The distressed mother and the rest of the herd stood nearby the well as rescue a team began to excavate around the trapped calf. Once free, the elephant ran to its mother. Before running off into the forest, the mother turned toward the people and raised its trunk. In India, some believe that this is a thankful gesture of an elephant. Elephant expert Joyce Poole says this gesture is known as "periscope sniffing," a common posture most often seen when an elephant is assessing a possible threatening situation.

See Heartwarming Rescue of a Baby Elephant Trapped in a Well | Nat Geo Wild

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  • Die Rettung des Baby-Elefanten hat mich zutiefst bewegt, besonders die Dankbarkeit der Mutter und dass die Herde immer in der Nähe gewartet und gebangt hat. :herz: :wink:

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