♫ Blues Company ♫ Blues Band from Germany

  • I'm here, who else…greets to all! :tschu:
    Presentation of the Blues Company
    Have spent a long wonderful weekend in my hometown. The sun accompanied me.
    among others the highlight, climax and great experience was the concert of Blues Company
    A band of a different kind that gave me an unforgettable musical enjoyment.
    This music group, which transports the :herz: BLUES in all of its variations and authentically presents the lived Blues in regards to the many unjust skills of life today.

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    The actual Lineup of the Blues Company was:

    "Toscho" Todorovic Vocals
    Lead Guitar (1 The Heritage Vollresonanz)
    Mike Titre (Vocals, elektr. Dobro, Guild accustic guitar und bluesharp)
    Olli Gee (Godin-Hybrid-Bass, Vocals)
    Florian Schaube (Drums)

    There were presented mainly songs from their new "unplugged album"
    before heading to the classics by Robert Johnson, Jimmy Reed, Muddy Waters went over etc.
    Perfect 2stimmiger harmony vocals, insinuating guitar solos rounded off by slide guitar licks, blues harp and exact Solis flattered themselves into the ears of quite interested, mitklatschend and singing audience.
    In the second part of the show the band members had enough space to insert your own Solis skillfully both on the Dobro and on the bass and the drums.

    In the song "Kids" Toscho put attention on social injustices after now in West Germany 16.3%, as well as in East Germany nearly 30% (according to the Federal Labour Office) of children and adolescents are affected by child poverty.
    ~It is like it always was, the musicians sprinkle with charm and courage current issues among the people.
    Better a guitar in his arms as a weapon in his hand. A peaceful gesture and a sign
    * Look up, many feel the same as you .. *, causes more. That's comforting, and strengthens one's own self-esteem. It festig the silent rebellion of a community affected or of an entire people. It keeps us alive, helps about heavy periods of time and makes us forget for a while grief and sorrows'~ (eala)
    This includes 'Kids' as a remarkable title of Blues Company.
    For his social commitment Toscho came from his hometown Osnabrück honored with a medal for special merits.

    Who has the chance to experience this first-rate band should do so necessarily. Whether electrically amplified or unplugged here are blues professional musicians at work who really have something to offer!

    Wishing you a wonderful week :rose:

    „Es gehört mehr Mut dazu seine Meinung zu ändern, als ihr treu zu bleiben.“

    Friedrich Hebbel