Amazing World Live Shows - Action - Adventure - Attraction

  • This thread indruduces the best shows of the world in theme parks, amusement parks! The most unbelievable attractions are discovered only for you.
    These events are incredible performances for the audience and make heavy demands on people, animals and technology.
    Everything is planned to the last detail, nothing is left to chance. This crazy world haven't seen yet.
    Fantastic shows and performances, especially the Disney Parks, Resorts and bun-butt SeaWorld.
    Ever seen? No? Never? Here we are. Proud to present the gaffers imaginations, they really come to your home.

    Thence comes the first idea from SeaWorld Orlando, FL, U.S. - Fuckin' real mega show with maritime animals like dolphins.

    Hollywood Studios and Disney World in the US - America - lights, cars, motors, pure action.
    I was there once, the same show's at Disneyland, Paris, France, too.

    Another cool Disney show and great performance.