Internet Trap - Scam - Scammer - Scamming - Internet Mafia in Africa

  • Scamming is cybercrime of african internet mafia - The risk seeking love, romance, or money in the web and internet

    :(Below are the videos from "Vice" on "Youtube" about Scam in Ghana as well as the Nigerian Connection.
    In Ghana happens the same shit like in Nigeria, lol, and look how they get their pcs. :D Exactly this form of Cybercrime, or internet crime I know well, its always fake stories, and mails which my father and I get very often! But all fake especially old people fall for it and send the money! One should not respond to these fake-mails easily, and often they also use photos of pretty women, everything is fake and wrong!
    The people who use not real identities, or fake identities, are called "Scammer", what they do is called "Scamming". Mostly they work in hardly structered mafia organizations in african countries. This is one part of international working internet mafia, in Africa called "Sakawa".
    The Scammer put a photo of a pretty woman in a e-mail, write in her name that she is searching love, romance, or sex and start a conversation with a man from Europe or the USA. After a while they ask for money for varios reasons, like she has someone of her family in hospital, or is alone without money, or they write "Please, come to me or send me money for a flight ticket to come to You". And a lot of men or women don't know that they never write with the person which it seems to be, everything, every word and the person behind the computer is not reality.
    It's only to get money.
    Another way of the Scammer is to get access to your bank account. Mostly they write e-mails and tell that they are working for a bank somewhere in the world, or are notaries, lawyers, asset managers or wealth managers and there are millions of dollars or euros on the bank account of a deceased person, and if they could transfer the money on your bank account you will get a part of it. How stupid must someone have to be to answer on this shit email. But there are people who do it and send these scammers their bank account details and nobody should wonder if a few days later the bank account is empty and the own money is away.
    In the report they show also the possibility that the scammer seems to deal with precious metals like gold or other values like real estate, say property.

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