David Icke and the Reptilians

  • Reptilian beings are the figures under the earth life, and also above the earth disguised in Human form! The whole thing is a long subject, there are many videos to and infos! When you get busy you recognize that there are many indications of such beings ! The truth form of their appearance often happening only for a short time in stressful situations, for example, changes in the pupils, teeth, tongue, etc! There many videos that reveal that David Icke is someone who engages that for him we live in a matrix world!
    At first this is a David Icke Interview to understand everything what he thinks! The world is manipulated by reptilian beings if our wonderful Chancellor, or great Barack Obama and the honored English Queen, and notes, and why this is so, you can hear everything in the video!
    Reptilians in change of their appearance

    Interview with a reptilian in english

    In the whole subject, I no longer believe in fantasies, so you can see also the often strange things happen in the world!

  • David Icke: Conspiracy of the Lizard Illuminati - Two parts of Vice interview with David Icke about hungry nasty reptilians and hybrid creatures, beings which eat humans and hold them (us) as their slaves. They are always hungry and behave as politicians or the honored english queen.