♫ Mambo Mongo - Colombia, South America 1982 ♫

  • Over somebody in internet who has a blog I found this amazing music video from 1982, called "Mambo Mongo". Great stuff...
    Mambo ist a music style and also a female vodou priest in Haiti, Houngan is a male voudo priest.
    That is mambo, and so much more...

    Mongo Santamaria: Conga Drums

    Pablo Rosario: Drums, Timbales

    Sam Furnace: Alto Sax, Baritone Sax and Flute

    Tony Hinson: Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax and Flute

    Greg Calhoun: Trumpet

    Bob Quaranta: Piano

    Joe Santiago: Bass

    Hector Aponte: Vocals