Woltlab Suite - Moderation - Content Reports view, edit, react

In the right upper navigation bar, the button for notifications from the moderation area is in the form of a triangle pointing upwards. If you click on it, the preview will open up notifications with the latest message at the top. If you choose a notification, you will immediately be redirected to the actual moderation area.

In the moderation panel, a preview of the reported content, as well as its author, can be seen on the left-hand side. Note: Authors do not necessarily have to be a registered / registered member, because even today it is possible to give guests writing rights and much more. In this case, Gast123456 would be visible instead of the user in the example shown.

In the case of guests with a note, the number is automatically assigned by the software.

You can also use the user of the person shene, who has reported the respective content. In this case it is an anonymous guest. The user name is always "Guest".

In the right part, there are the options to handle the reported content.