🌟 HTTP/2 and ALPN support with SSL grade A+

  • Now, COSIREX supports HTTP/2 and ALPN with the best SSL quality rating A+ for connection security and encryption.
    SSL is the encryption protocol between the domain/server and the client's browser, or visitor of the web page - there are various SSL protocols and standards, the most secure is currently TLS 1.2.
    Both results are visible on the attached screenshots.
    Better is not possible! Although there is the
    You can check the security of all domains and websites with the reputable service KEYCDN.com:
    The direct result is displayed on the link HTTP2 + ALPN by adding "www.cosirex.com" in the box.
    The security of Cosirex and the grade quality of the SSL encryption can be obtained at Qualys on Cosirex sslllabs.com as a result and as well in details.

    * Both tools are free and used by millions of experts. *