♫ Mark Knopfler - Brothers In Arms ♫ Dire Straits forever

  • The same song, only is Mark Knopfler a little older geworder but to play by its unique, fascinating course the guitar he has not lost, even the facial expressions while singing has remained the same beautiful. Thanks for the beautiful hours, great deep thoughts in one of the most beautiful songs in the world history.
    This concert was held in Germany. So I am now sentimental, it's no wonder by listening "Brothers In Arms"...

  • A song for eternity...when you hear it you see the soldier sitting in the battle trenches, either silently, stunned or trembling for their lives...a song against all wars in the world...a song of my youth...by this song I was deeply influenced...how many times I heard it, determined thousands of times, possibly more, dreaming in the sunset, with tears in my eyes according to the fallen sons of all countries, of all generations...since I was 16, 18 , 20 years old... Thank you for this song Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits ...
    Free Nelson Mandela concert in 1988 at Wembley Stadium - Tribute to Dire Straits - Mark Knopfler singing "Brothers in arms" - amazing - great - unforgetable...

  • Dire Straits & Eric Clapton to play in the same concert at Wembley station straight on, here with the timeless "Sultans Of Swing". What did I was with from 15 belongs in the UK for myself. A tribute to Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits.
    Amazing and memorable concert for the release of Nelson Mandela and a free, peaceful, respectful world without weapons and violence.
    But the sword is always accompanied by, in this case it is the melody that penetrates our souls, the lance is the text that touched our hearts, and the sign of the wonderful rhythm that accompanies us always and everywhere. A somewhat archaic interpretation, but definitely with a hint of subjective imagination.

  • Nice that there seems to be even more more Knopfler fans here. Several years ago, Mark was in Berlin and gave a concert. Since we were of course included and it was insanely great. If he is again a concert nearby, we are certainly doing again. We have all the CDs from him, where there are a few versions, which are not on board, but that can be found only on the Internet. The extra long version of Sultans of Swing, e.g. which was then taken up at a concert.

    We were also times when his brother David on a concert, he also sounds good on board. Live is however not been ours. As we remain faithful to Mark yet.

  • I think the music is also very nice, you can tell me where in Berlin he and the band play? I will gladly love to go with my friend, unfortunately I have not found any information to it. :P