♫ Hans Zimmer - Great Composer

  • Hans Zimmer is one of the greatest composers of the modern era. How much feeling you can put in a piece of music? Hans Zimmer shows us spheres where no one has ever been. Hans Zimmer creates music which reflects our feelings and emotions in an epic, timeless and completesd way.
    I'm a macho, but I'm inclined to cry with most of his songs. Because Hans Zimmer shows us our sensibility, our sensitivity, our feelings, our thoughts, the desires of everyone, so the music reflects each person individually and lead us to our strengths and weaknesses of human existence.
    For me it's remarkable that Hans Zimmer is almost born and raised in Frankfurt/Main, which is only a 6 miles away from my hometown. The current logo and image of Cosirex incidentally shows the city of Frankfurt am Main.
    Hans Zimmer is a genius, no matter where he comes from or wherever he lives.
    The first song that I impressed me for a lot of reasons is "Les Chevaliers de Sangreal" in french language, translated as "The Knights of Sangreal."
    Music Masterpieces by Hans Zimmer ...

    Watch and hear this amazing song in the next posting

  • Hans Zimmer with his timeless, epical composition "Chevaliers de Sangreal", found on www.youtube.com. Wonderful! Also on the super website E-Water to hear in the form of a slideshow with music in the super article "A simple carpenter".
    I love this endless wonderful composition...

  • Hi Duke,
    you are absolutely right, Hans Zimmer is real good.
    I'm always a fan of film music and in this case he is the
    most profiled.
    But I'm also a fan of Ennio Morricone. He has also written

    several pieces, where no song sounds like another one.


  • Greets to you Jumbo,
    yes, Ennio Morricone is great. We will introduce him, too. Now, Ennio Morricone is immortalized in Cosirex forum, exactly in this topic. Click the Blue.
    Good things belong to good things.

  • Mein Lieblingsstück von Hans Zimmer ist nach wie vor "Now we are free" aus Gladiator... da bekomme ich regelmäßig Gänsehaut :)

    Den Soundtrack von Dark Knight Rises fand ich auch immer passend, aber es ist nicht so, dass mir da ein Stück besonders in Erinnerung geblieben wäre...

  • To put it very simply to say: Hans Zimmer manages to touch our hearts with superhuman manner through his compositions and their musical interpretation. It cuts us with the fantastic music so deeply into the soul that we are in the depths of our existence can be taken only cry or. Even more: Hans Zimmer combines in his compositions friend and foe, present, past and future, easily the whole universe.

    Hans Zimmer makes soul music that not only moves us in listening, but deep in the soul feelings and emotions teasing out that we did not even know that we have them. It's timeless music, epochal, steeped in history term music, yet quite soft music, the equally shows us the everyday and the lightness of being, yet he brings us a wonderful way back to reality, so that we can provide better, and from the mistakes the past can learn.

    This is my interpretation of Hans Zimmer's timeless compositions. Music for millennia, music for generations, the music we love and futility holds a battle in mind, always with the tenor, wake dissolved at the end and make it all better. We provide the love, power, and energy of God a chance and whose creation is completed by our behavior.

    Hans Zimmer, you have been blessed by God ...

    Wonderful - Timeless - Fantastic - Hans Zimmer


  • Hallo,
    hat einer von euch schon den neuen Batman-Teil gesehen? "Batman - Dark Knight Rises". Da hat Herr Zimmer mal wieder grandiose Arbeit geleistet, was meint ihr? Meiner Meinung nach schon bei den beiden ersten Teilen, wirklich stark!